Did I mention that we are currently on a glorious holiday in Knysna. Its bloody freezing here at the moment, but we certainly don’t care. We are having a wonderful time with family. Eating great food, drinking good wine and laughing lots and lots.

But that isn’t really what this post is about.Its more about my little sneak peak (If you can call it that) OR my little cheat……I had my Taro.t read…….

I haven’t done anything of the sort for sometime and to be honest I am slightly skeptical of Tar.ot readings. I have had a few in my life, some that were hugely accurate and some that were really off the mark. I also get a bit uncomfortable with the Tarot and my Christianity, not knowing quite where they fit together.

But anyway, I was tempted and I did it. I spotted the Tar.ot Lady on my birthday at the Kny.sna Quay.s and I was a little tempted to have a reading done then, but (and I know this sounds silly) ……..I didn’t want any bad news to come my way on my birthday. My last two birthdays have been really low and I wanted to make sure that this one was perfect – And it was! (But that is for another post)

So today we decided to go into Knysna Town to watch the Pin.k Loer.ie Para.de and while I was there I decided to go for it. I suppose there was really only one thing that I was really curious about…..one thing that would put my mind to rest a little….calm me a bit, even if it isn’t a sure thing. And of course you all know what that is….the question of children.

So I won’t bore you too much with the other stuff. Generally I have lots of positive things in my future. Finances, marriage, health and career all steady. I asked about family, specifically children. While shuffling the deck she told me that she had a glimpse of a child in our future. She turned some of the cards and told me that I had some health problems and asked me if I had had them checked out.I confirmed this with her and told her that we had stopped trying to conceive. She was a little confused at this point and so I told her that we had moved on to adoption. She then told me that there was the cards where showing her that there was some paperwork that would be have to be dealt with in August this year in connection with child. That we would be waiting much longer and that there were two children in our future. Interestingly, by the way, my horoscope for this year also says that I will have a huge change in my life in the second half of the year.

Now ladies and gents, I know that this info isn’t a sure thing. I know that I shouldn’t start counting down the days to August. But in some funny funny way it soothes me. It gives me a little light in the darkness. Waiting is rally really hard and it just seems to take the edge of a little. It may be a complete load of hogwash, who knows……..I guess we wait until August to find out.