Ive never thought of myself as a girly girl. I used to love dressing up for a night on the town when I was a teen, but somehow I lost my voom and sometimes I even find it’s a bit of an effort. I reckon its definately the self esteem thing………..why make an effort when you place such a low value on yourself. You adopt the ‘who cares’ attitude and just go with the flow. Thinking back a few years I remember a period where I did NOTHING to make myself look attractive. I stopped colouring and cutting my hair. Kept my nails short. Didn’t bother with fashion or new makeup …..really  just let it all go. As a teen and even a young adult I really used to indulge myself and I loved it. I used to own a variety of aromatherapy oils and most nights included a wonderful aroma therapy bath including the oils I felt in the mood for.  Rose is my absolute favourite, closely followed by geranium…..mmmmmmmmm, heavenly. Actually I think smelly stuff is really my ultimate indulgence. I love perfume LOVE IT. I used to have at least ten (yes I was spoilt as a teen) And everyday I would choose one that chose my mood.

Anyway, somehow I lost all of that and since then I have had periods of inspiration and then let it slip again. Money was definately a reason, but I also lost that desire to look good and feel good, I’m not sure where it went. Lately I am really feeling the importance of indulging myself and looking after myself. Through therapy I am working on my self esteem as it is really low. It may seem cheesy, but it really seems to help a bit to indulge in the girly stuff.

I started with my ultra indulgent bath on a Monday night and I am loving it. I’ve got myself some geranium, lavender and chamomile oil and I am just loving the aroma therapy baths. Its becoming more than just a Monday thing. Yesterday I bought myself some new nail polish and last night I sat and painted my nails. Such simple things that actual make me feel a bit better about myself.

Its also my birthday this month and I have put together a list of perfumes for my husband. At the moment I only have Cliniqu.e Happy and would really love some Pois.on…..mmmm a lovely winter scent. I also ask for some bling bling stuff. Like this mouse…..

So bloggers, tell me about your girly indulgances.

What do you indulge in and how what do you do to feel girly?