I am not in a bad place…..but I am. Does anyone understand what I am trying to say? No???? Neither do I, but I feel it.

I know that everything will work out, but at the moment I am battling with that in between bit. The bit where you are waiting for something to happen. I know that we have only been on the list for a whole 2 months and that I need to be patient…………….waiting is difficult. I didn’t expect it to be this difficult.

I’m finding it difficult to participate in the forum and blogging.

The problem is I feel I am in a place where I have very little to contribute. I’m not doing treatment, not pregnant and I’m not parenting…yet! Maybe a step back is in order. Just to quiet my mind. Just to make sense of my own life.

I may be missing in action for a while bloggers. I’ll be in the background and I’ll come back when I have something meaningful to say…..Cest La vie!