Her name is Yaz, and I am hoping that she is going to make me feel better.

My hormones have really been behaving badly over the last couple of cycles. I get MAJOR PMS (fussy head, moodyand so lethargic) and I’ve been suffering from painful periods again. I also get sore b..bs for 50% of the month and my skin is behaving like I am sixteen. I’ve had flu this week and went to the doctor yesterday. On my way there I decided…enough is enough and asked her to put me on the pill.

The only yime I have been on the pill in the last eight years is for IVF and it really seems to make a difference to my mood and my cycles. Lighter flow less pain….much better. I actually wanted to go on the pill straight after our last IVF, but hubby was against it. I guess he was hoping for a miracle…..but when he got home yesterday and I told him about the pill option he just said YES! I think the hectic PMS may be getting to him. 🙂 So I start the Yaz with my next cycle, and I need to go to the gynea.

A funny side note. I collected the pill from the chemist yesterday. She gave me the box and asked me ‘What are you on now’, so I said ‘nothing’……her face *confused*. She then proceeded to tell me that I must start in the silver section and warned me that for the first month I need to use extra protection……hmmmmm, to which I replied, ‘No problem I’m infertile.’ This was followed by another confused face. I told her it was for my skin and she just sort of nodded. It was an amusing moment!