I’ve started a new Monday routine and decided to name it…All-About-Me-Mondays

Its seems that our weekends and our weeks have been so so busy, and I promised myself that I would do more for myself this year. So Mondays have become All-About-Me!! I set aside some time during my day to work on some of the things that inspire me….like my coaching. I have my Monday therapy session, and at the moment they really make me feel much chipper. And then I have the ultimate bath………bubbles, music and a nice cup of tea. After the bath I sit on my bed and make my feet pretty…….foot massage, nail polish…..followed by a manicure while I watch Greys Anatomy. Then its off to bed to snuggle up and read for a bit until I finally get sleepy enough to go to sleep.

Its great!!!! I’m keeping this routine.