I wrote a disgustingly bitter post the other day – It will never be published. I’m quite surprised that I’m reacting to my life in this way at the moment. I’m really having a big temper tantrum because not much seems to be going my way, and of course I must always be in control! I’m very depressed and I am very angry at the moment. I’m sure that those of you who have been to that embarrassingly bitter place know what I mean. Jeez there is a lot of anger that is coming out of me at the moment.

The good news is that I am trying to work through it …..for good. On Monday I started therapy with a brilliant therapist. I have had tons of therapy in the past and I must admit this woman ‘gets me’ like no other therapist has before. At the end of the first session gave me an explanation of what she thinks my issues are ……and she was 100% on track. When I walked out I actually felt much better just to have those issues acknowledged.

And so this is a work in progress. My transformation from ‘bitter b1tch’ to ‘well balanced rational’ person.