We are selling our house and did a lot of fixing up work over the December holidays. We painted and patched up cracks in the wall and gardened. We are very proud of our efforts, we really worked hard. We knew that we had a bit of a problem with damp, but intended to fix it. The hectic rain that we have been having recently didn’t help at all and it very quickly became noticeably bad. We thought that we could actually go on show and tell people that we were in the process of fixing up. But unfortunately as soon as people see the damp they run at high speed to the next Show house. And actually I can’t blame them.

The damp problem has been here for a while, in fact the previous owner of the house knew about it  and just did a quick paint job to conceal it. We, knew no better when we purchased the property and a year later the bubbly paint started to show. Dear Husband thought that he could do the work himself, but as he started stripping the wall down it was clear that it was a huge job and we had to get a professional in to fix it. We were also warned by our estate agents that if we don’t fix it or if we conceal it, our future buyers could actually come back to us up to five years later and demand it be fixed. Now firstly, I don’t believe in doing that to people…..especially after it being done to us. So we are playing open cards by having it fixed and then getting a five year gaurentee from the contractor.

So for the last two weeks the outside of our house and garage has become a bit of a construction site. And I have only now realised how moody it has made me. Dust, plaster, concrete and lots of banging. And its so disruptive to getting any work done.Before deciding to move we actually considered building on to our unit….and thank goodness we didn’t.

We should be done next week and then we can go on show again – I can’t bloody wait. And then please please can we sell quickly. I know show days are necessary, but it is a real mission with our dogs. The last show day we took them for a picnic at Emmarentia intending to read the Newspaper and relax under the trees for a bit……But nooooooooooo, that did not happen! The dogs loved the outing, but would not sit down and relax for one minute. Every tree must be peed on and every smell must be examined. Fun for them, but not for us.

Yes, a very moany post for a Friday – Bring on the weekend.