So today I made my first monthly call to one our our Social Workers. Its just really to let them know that we are still interested and waiting.

Ring ring …..ring ring.

Leigh: Hello Leigh speaking.

Me: Hi Leigh, its S, this is your monthly call to tell you that I am still interested and waiting.

Leigh: Hi S, How was Kenya?

Me: It was great thanks, much better than Nigeria.

Leigh: I’m sure…ha ha ha.

Me: We have our police clearances. Shall I send you an original or certified copy.

Leigh: A certified copy would be best. Just hang on to the originals.

Me: OK, well I’ll speak to you next month. *thinking* – unless you call me before that.

Leigh: OK, keep well. Bye.

Well that was it in a nutshell. Not very exciting…..but necessary. I’m thinking of assigning my SW’s a specific ringtone, something fun and upbeat with the word baby in it like;

1. Baby-Baby by Amt Grant…………..OR

2.Baby Love by the Supremes

Any other suggestions.