My husband got a blackberr.y this week and I am quite surprised and amused at how much he is enjoying it. I say this because my husband is NOT a phone person. He really hates talking on the phone. Most of the time his phone isn’t charged, which is really frustrating. In fact most people phone me to get hold of him, including his dad.

The blackberr.y has really seemed to change all of this. He still doesn’t like phonecalls, but he LOVES and twitter on his phone, so he makes sure it is charged so he can play around with it. He never used to log into FB before and I am quite amused at the change in the activity over the past few days. Thursday night was spent following G.areth Cli.ff on twitter while watching the st.ate of the nation speech.

Anyway, what got me thinking is how different our online persona’s can be from the ‘real us’. I know I have met quite a few people on the forum in RL that have completely different online persona’s. Which is fine, but it just gets me thinking……………….

How different do you think you are to your online self?