When we collected Naartjie the breeder told me  that she was actually a show quality Persian, so naturally I started to consider the possibility of showing her. I really think she is so sweet. (Well of course I would) I call her my slice of heaven. Every time I see her or cuddle her my heart melts. She is worth every cent I paid for her and I just love her soooooo much! She sleeps on my pillow with me at night and during the day she sleeps on my desk next to me. 🙂

Persians are a bit more work that short haired cats, they have to be combed at least once a day ….and they need to be washed. I love the combing and its really no problem for me. Narrtjie loves it as well and afterwards she looks all fluffy ……I then tell her how absolutely gorgeous she is looking……and she likes that too 🙂

BUT then comes the bath part! Now if you show a cat they need to look immaculate. Clean eyes, fluffy clean coat, perfect! Which means extra bathing. At first I thought, no problem we shall bath her, but on Tuesday she had her first bath AND IT WAS NOT FUN! Just so that I was prepared I watched a you tube video on how to do it……………………Notice this cat looks chilled and even seems to be enjoying its bath.

This was not the case with Naartjie. There was loud yowling and just general unhappiness!

I’m starting to think that showing her is more work than its worth. She was so unhappy about the bath, I actually ended up feeling really bad.

Any advice on cat bathing is welcome!