I got back from Kenya yesterday. I really love that place….but I love home more. It was so nice to sleep in my own bed last night.

As you know, I sent all our paperwork and our profile down to CT before I went away, so the first call I made when I landed was to our Social Worker to ask if everything was ok.

Very casually she told me that everything was in order and ‘it looked good’. I asked her if that in fact meant that we were on the list ………and the answer was YES!

So we officially officially start our wait now. 🙂

The thought that I could actually get a call in a couple of months is so surreal. I really just can’t imagine it! But I know that it will happen. Its the same as the thought of me actually holding a baby in my arms and actually being able to take that baby home…..so surreal.

I guess all I can say is WATCH THIS SPACE!