Well this one isn’t to difficult to decode……

I dreamed last night that we had to go back for another day of screening with our SW, although this time there was a huge group of other couples doing the same tests along with us. We were each handed a book full of maths problems and asked to complete it in a certain time. Hubby and I really battled with the questions and we ended up running out of time. The SW then told us that because we could not complete such simple questions we were disqualified! We had not been accepted onto their waiting list! We were devastated and went to tell our families. My mom (and this is so like my mom), then got a whole group of our family together and arrived at the SW’s house. They one by one told the SW why we should be on the waiting list and would not leave until they accepted us.

….and eventually we were put on the list.

I have a bizarre mind, YES!