So I am safely in Kenya and looking forward to my time here. When I travel it really makes such a difference which environment I am in, and I LURVE Kenya. The staff here are so dedicated and motivated and I really love that. I’m sure it will be a great trip.

So while siting and eating supper this evening I started to really think about what needs to be acomplished in 2011. Last year was a mixed bag of experiences business wise. A good year in that I really learnt to stand on my two feet, a bad year in that I really felt the pressure of doing this alone. I suppose it really was a case of sink or swim, and thankfully I swam. I actually survived, which i think I really have to acknowledge myself for. This year I need to focus a little more, I need more of a plan now that I am swimming. I am not criticizing what I accomplished last year, but I have to say, last year was more about survive and this year needs to be about thrive. It also needs to be about doing what I love and not doing what needs to be done.

I know a few things need to change in order for my focus to really be effective. I tend to get a bit sidetracked if I don’t have a proper plan, and when I say plan I mean some real detail. Not just ‘I’m going to make money’ or ‘I’m going to place two candidates per month’, but a real focused PLAN!!! As far as the passionate part of my plan goes I have decided that I really have to get more involved in a particular area that I am really inspired by…….. Life Coaching. I know I have written about this before and I mentioned on our forum that I would really like to get involved in some fertility coaching, but I need to define this still. I have a website set aside and a few ideas, but the idea is still a little murky in my head. I suppose when I do it I really want it to add value and not be wishy washy.

…..But that is not all, I also have a rather big coaching goal that I would like to achieve this year. I want to get my ACC accreditation. Now, I don’t know if any of you are familiar with this qualification, but it really is worth it and takes quite a lot of effort. I am currently a level one coach and to get my ACC I need to have about 60 hours of coaching under my belt as well as some further education. So I’ll have to FOCUS on getting lots and lots of clients to coach as well as studying further. I’d love to do a module on Team coaching, which is very exciting.

Mentally and spiritually I need to do some nuturing. I want to start having some more quiet reflective time for me during the day, as I find the only real me-time I have at the moment involves a glass of wine and some TV. That needs to change! I really need to cut way down on the Fat Bastard Chardonnay and switch to something more beneficial. I’m thinking half an hour of peace and quiet, by myself for reflection on my day, just to organise my mind.

AND physically…….I NEED TO DO SOMETHING! My waistline is ever increasing and I feel VERY unattractive. The general excuse is, my emotional pain. I have been stuffing myself full of food and wine for the last six months and it really has taken its toll. I want to take responsibility for my health now and look forward to new things. SO, diet and gym, that is the only way, but jeepers it needs to happen.

And after all of that I wonder if I am expecting too much of myself. One step at a time I suppose. Slowly slowly.