So, an upate on our screening.

I finally finished my profile – YAY! It really took me a while and I found myself tweaking this and tweaking that until I felt that it was perfect, but hey, we must be comfortable about it right. I also asked the opinion of three others and as soon as I got their stamp of approval too I felt more comfortable.

The good news!!! All paperwork and our profile was send down Cape Town yesterday. I sms’ed the SW’s to let them know that I had sent it, I think I will scream if it gets lost. I am flying to Kenya for two weeks tomorrow, so I guess we’ll know if all is in order before I get back.

Then, we will have our final appointment with our SW in JHB when I am back from Kenya. We completed our psychological assessment at the end of 2010 and then she went on holiday, so we can only see her when I get back.  I reckon that will defiantly be our last meeting with her. AND THEN…..we are on the list!

So there is some news. Great stuff!