Number one : The arrival of my Quinny!!!

I have such a generous mom!!! She is just so awesome. She made up her mind long ago that she wanted to buy us a pram. So as you know, we did the research and we decided that we liked the Quinny best. My beautiful wonderful mom spent a large portion of her bonus in December on buying us one. We ordered it from Kids Emporium in Mid December and it should be here by the end of Jan. Mom also bought us the a Maxi Cosy car seat AND base!!! How spoilt am I!!!

Number two: Riverdance!

I’ve never seen the show before, but I believe it is quite good.


Number three: U2!!!!!!!!!!!!

We got tickets for February!!!! Yay!!!


Number four: House Hunting

We have decided we really want a house. I am tired of complex living and I am also tired of living in a duplex. Our stairs are also insanely steep and I really don’t want to risk ANYONE (like a small baby) falling down them. So we shall be putting our house on the market and looking for something a little bigger.


Number five: A birthday celebration in Knysna

My dad lives in Knysna and we normally go for Christmas, but this year we decided to stay and do come work on our house. It was also soooooo expensive to fly down. So we’ll be going down during the April holidays. My is within that period, so me thinks I’ll spoil myself with loads of Oysters. YEAH!