I’m in Ni.geria, I have been here for four days and I am already ….BORED!!!

I’m actually enjoying the training and the people this time. The Ni.gerians really give me a chance to exert my bossy side and I’m quite enjoying it. He he!!! Ni.gerians are tough! the toughest I have ever trained, one sign of weakness and you are toast. If you don’t interest them they will simply make an excuse and walk out, so you really have to be on your game. I must admit that I am getting bored with training staff level content though. Next year I really want to step it up a notch to the leadership realm.

The flight here was fine, (only one hour delayed) but I am seriously dreading the flight back. It is the worst flight in the world. Firstly getting on to the actual flight is such a mission. The line for check is are looooong and full of people pushing and shoving and trying to cut in. It takes about five hours from standing in the check in line to actually getting on the plane. During that time you get searched many many times and more often than not there will be a fight between two Niger.ians. *Sigh* Its gonna be fun.

Anyway, I am actually feeling so down being here. I really hate travelling…I really really do. I need to be home with the people I love. I seriously don’t know how people do this. It seriously sucks!

Boo hoo, poor me. 😦