I really have had the most awesome couple of days. I’ve done things that I never ever would have done before and I like it!!!! We also went to see ‘the other SW’ in Cape Town and it was awesome awesome awesome. I found it to be a very relaxed experience and I didn’t at all feel like I was being questioned or prodded and poked. We have a small amount of homework to do  and then we’ll officially officially be on their list as well.

So on Saturday we decided that we would venture off to the baby show. My mom is buying us a pram with her bonus at the end of the year and so we went to go and check out prams. At this moment I am still a Quinny fan, but I think that another day at Kids Emporium is a MUST. The baby show was really so packed and I ended up accidentily riding over someone foot while I was testing the Quinny’s maneuverability. Oops!

I also wanted to check out the bottles and I really think there were some great specials. I really like the NUK and they had a special on for R500 for a Newborn starter pack as well as a microwave sterilizer. I chose a cool yellow coloured one and then……I walked past the MAM stand. They gave me a demonstration of thier bottles and I was a total convert. What sold me is that they do not require a micorwave steriliser. The bottle itself turns into a mini steriliser that you put water in and then stick in the microwave for 3 mins. So I got a pack, Four big bottles, two small and two dummies for R300. Bargain.

Now I am not just telling you this for fun. I feel the need to mention it becasue it was a really exciting and freeing experience for me. I know that we might wait years to be picked, but the freedom I feel to do these things is priceless. I would never in a million years have done it in my IVF days and I really feel comfortable about it at the moment. I may take a few steps back when the waiting gets hard, but for now I am embracing this feeling of hope and freedom. I’ve been having it!!!!

On our return from the babyshow my cousin and his wife arrived to deliver our cot and that experience for me was also so emotional and so amazing. It wasn’t so much the cot arriving. It is totally dismantled and we have decided to store it rather that putting it together. Firstly we have space issues, my current office will be the babies room and I see no need to move out now. And secondly I don’t know how long it is going to stand there so I’d rather just store it. When the going gets tough I may not want to walk past a bedroom with an assembled cot. So it will safely packed away for later. The compactum, however will stay in our spare room. It looks rather like a chest of drawers so I see no problem with that. The special part for me was packing all my baby clothes that I have collected, along with my bottles into the compactum. The clothes have been packed in a drawer in my bedroom for a while and recently it has started to over flow. I don’t have loads of stuff, just more than one draw can hold. It really was such a nice feeling to pack them away, almost ritualistic.

The part that made me cry was when my cousins wife brought out some extra stuff from the car for us. A feeding pillow, Bumbo, play mat, bath chair and a whole lot of balls. I just looked at it and got all teary. It was such a special moment for me. Especially when she asked that the playmat stay in the family……family, we are going to have a family, and everyone is so excited and accepting. It was quite overwhelming for a moment.

I really feel so cared for and so supported at the moment. I can feel how much everyone wants this to happen for us. I can tell that the arrival of this child is going to be a big deal in my family………..

…………and with my friends. Thanks to you gals that have been so very special and so very suportive. You will have a place in my heart forever and ever.