Okay so I left these three for last , thanks for asking gals. I have enjoyed the reflection.

From Dee,

If you had to start over again (with treatment) would you do anything different? eg changes clinics, choose a different donor etc?

I’m not 100% sure if I would change anything, but I do wonder about certain things sometimes. Its more of a ‘what if’….. than a regret.

1. I wish that I had a GIFT with my eggs before we moved on to donor. This option was mentioned to us, but then we took a looooong break and by the time we were ready we decided to continue with Donor. I think I should have maybe given my eggs one more chance.

2. I battled so much with the choice of my last donor. I went back and forth between two choices and eventually chose the one I did because she had made someone pregnant before. Looking back I think I did make the right choice. The other donor had a very high BMI and that was a worry for me, but her looks were so so similar to mine, as were my second donor’s. The only thing I wish is that I had taken more time with my choice. Looking back it feels rushed.

From M

Money aside, what made you decide to move onto adoption and stop fertility treatment? Or was it just a money decision?

It was an emotional decision. I got to the end of what I could handle emotionally and could not face the uncertainty of it all. I have wanted to move on to adoption since my fourth IVF, but DH was hesitant.

If I remember correctly you were diagnosed with Prematrue Ovarian Failure – what facts led to this diagnosis?

I have high FSH and my AMH is low (0.89) in relation to my age. I also did not respond very well during my IVF’s and we didn’t get good embryos. IVF one, five eggs, two embryos with fragmentation on day three. IVF two, seven eggs, one embryo with fragmentation on day three.