From Nisey.

Are you concerned about the bonding process when you are matched to a baby?

I’m not scared that I won’t bond, I think that it may take time, but I know that it will happen. I am scared or anxious about not allowing myself to bond completely during the 60 days, so I guess in that aspect I am. When we went to our psychological assessment yesterday we were asked “What would you do if your SW phoned you tomorrow and said she had a child for you?” I was completely stumped, and I still really don’t know how I will react. Of course I will be excited!!! But I just can’t imagine what those first few days with the baby will be like. I think I have spent so much time protecting myself that I am scared to think THAT far ahead. So I think it really is a grey area for me.

From Elize

How different do you think you parenting style would be to your DH? Who’s the softy?

The funny thing is that DH and I were asked this question separately during our screening. I said that he would be the softy and he said that I would be the softy. I still maintain that I will be the tougher one. I think that DH likes to think that he’s a tough guy….but he is actually a big softy. He lets the dogs get away with things that I never would. 🙂 If I really think hard about it I think that we will balance each other out. I’ll be stricter on certain things and softer on others and visa versa.

From Dee

If you won the lotto would you try DE again?

No! I never ever want to do it again. I am sad when I think that I will never be pregnant, but I am so happy that I never have to do an IVF again. I feel free from it now and I’m happy that we are on the adoption road.

Would you consider DE/DS?

Well apparently my husband has super sperm…so no.

Do you have names picked out yet?

As soon as our names are officially on the list we will seriously discuss names. We have a few floating around, only boys names though. I think we have never been confident enough to seriously discuss names.

How difficult is it to put your profile together?

I thought it would be easy peasy….but I didn’t find it to be. Its not brain numbingly difficult, but it takes a lot of thought and consideration. Some days I have NO inspiration and I can’t think of any good ideas for putting it together and then other days I am super creative. It’s also quite difficult to talk about yourself and document your life together so far. It really stretches you to answer the question “Who are we?” in depth.