So, I recently realized that I haven’t updated you on whats been happening with our screening. I think that we have pretty much got into the flow of it all and so I forget to actually tell you where we are with it.

Its all good news so far. We had our home visit last week and I think it went well. I only found out about it the night before which I think was actually good because I didn’t have time to think about it. Luckily the maid had come the day before, so the house was clean and I could relax. Thinking about it now….I’m not even sure what our SW was looking for. She had a look around, asked which room would be the baby room, took note of how many bedrooms and bathrooms we had and then just said “You have a lovely home”. So I assume that we ‘passed’.

So we can tick off;

1. Medicals

2. Paperwork – Lots of it!

3. Adoption educational group.

4.Marriage assessment – which was very interesting.

5. The home visit.

The only things we have to complete now are;

1. Our profile – which is 50% there.

2. Our Police clearance  – I know, I should have done it ages ago.

3.Our psychological assessment – Which we go for today.

4. Sexual offenders affidavit.

I must say that the screening has worked out quite expensive. I think we have spent about R10 000 so far. We are blessed to have had lots of financial help from a certain family member – which I will forever appreciate. At least this money is being spent ONCE and its not a what if!!! OR a maybe….there is certainty.

Other good news!!! We have managed to get an appointment with a second social worker. AKA – Sharon, Chopper and Charne’s SW! We have grabbed the opportunity with both hands and will be seeing her on 30 November. Both Social Workers know that we are working with both of them, so everything is transparent and above board. Our chances are just increased this way.

We have also taken a leap of faith and decided to purchase my cousins old cot and compactum. She doesn’t need it anymore because her two year old needs to move into a bed and she is selling it for a VERY VERY reasonable price. So we figured…..WHY NOT! We will be getting a baby and so we will be needing it!

So 2010 has actually ended off quite nicely. Not the way I thought it would, but hey…..its a curve ball, and a lot of learning and reflection has come from it. We’ll hope with all our hearts that 2011 is our year to be parents. And if not, we’ll hope for 2012. We’ll try and be as patient as we possibly can!

But man – I can NOT WAIT to tell you guys that we got the call! It will be such a great day.