Things are going so well in my life at the moment.

My business is finally recovering after a two year struggle and I seem to be very busy which is great for future business. The stress that this business has put me under in the last two years is unbelievable. Its part of the reason that I have sleepless night and constantly feel anxious. Some nights I would really just lie and wonder ….when will this all be over. When will I not have to worry. I worked hard this year to keep my head above water, and its worked. I am finally seeing the rewards. I am no longer scared to answer ‘private numbers’ 🙂 !!!!!

………..and might I add that I have done most of it ON MY OWN!!!

Anyway, I can feel that stress leaving me. I can feel a greater sense of confidence in myself returning. I actually have to stop and remind myself that I am allowed to relax a bit. I’ve been so wound up for so long it’s gonna take a major mind shift. But I am getting there.

I know that I can’t go back and change anything, and I really am happy with our plans to adopt, but I have to say this…………….

I should never have done my IVF in June! I was too stressed and there was too much going on and too much uncertainty. I should have waited a bit. I should have allowed myself some time and waited until my life was a little less stressful.

But hey, maybe I wouldn’t be here now if I hadn’t………. C’est la vie!!!