Firstly, I am have a friggin fantastic day………So I am totally able to spread the love. 🙂


Physically, it has to be my eyelashes, they are very long and I constantly get asked if they are fake….and they aren’t. They are 100% real.

I like the fact that I can get a long with most people. I also like the fact that I am not very quick to judge people. I will sit back and watch what people are doing and I’ll be as open minded as possible. But, once I have made up my mind, its done! This can work two ways – You find a way into my heart and you are there, but if I feel that you aren’t coming to the party – you’re done. I may feel betrayed or that I can’t trust you and then its over and the relationship tends to go south from there. Its sounds a little dramatic, but it really isn’t. Its just being real, and I like that about myself.

I stand by what I believe in! This of course is when I have decided that I believe in it. I tend to explore all options and then make up my mind. But once I have made up my mind that I believe in something I stand firm in it.

I have a silly silly sense of humour and I love it. Here’s a joke for you. A wedge of cheese walks into a bar. He takes a look around and sees a table of Feta have a great time, a slice of Brie and some blue cheese chatting and a wedge of spicy Parmesan sitting all by herself…………He thinks to himself, this is gonna be a FONDUE!!!

He he he he he.