So, on Saturday we attended an adoption educational day.

It really was pretty cool to chat to other prospective adoptive parents. We all chatted about infertility, and the one thing that was clear to me was how each person had a different journey and a different timeline. There were couples that had tried two IVFs and there was a couple that had done eleven. There was also a couple that had never done IVF or IUI.

We all get to adoption or donor or IVF  in our own time and we all have our own path to walk. Infertility is SO personal! Everyone has a different experience and that is why it is almost impossible to understand exactly how someone else is feeling. We can find certain experiences that we have in common and we can feel empathy, but we can never 100% understand the space that person is in. I am sure that most of you know exactly what I am talking about.

I also chatted to my social worker about the new children’s act. All I am going to say here on my blog is that my social worker seems to have a way around the new law for us. The reason I don’t want to say too much here is because it seems very complicated and seems that it can be translated in a number of ways depending on your situation. So, its best to speak to your SW about what they think. I don’t want to freak anyone out unintentionally.

The most interesting bit of the day for me was to hear the perspective of the three parties involved in adoption. The birth mother, adoptive parents and an adoptee. I am honored to know a birth mother personally and she has shared her experience with me. I have also had the privileged of chatting to two adoptive parents personally as well. So the most interesting part of the day for me was to hear the perspective of an adoptee. Most of what she spoke of really confirmed my original thinking. The feelings she had around adoption and about her birth mom. The precious gift of honesty and transparency from her adoptive parents. Most of what Sherrie Eldrige says in her book was confirmed, in a positive way.

So, what is next!

1. Finish our profile

2. Get our psychological assessments done.

3.The home visit

4. Another two hours with our SW.

We are nearly there!