I must tell you about this story because I think it is quite amazing.

So we stayed with friends in Dubai who live in what they describe as a ‘trailer park’. They are living in a house that is part of one of  the first compounds in Dubai. The compound was originally build to house the very first engineers that went to Dubai to start construction there.

Its a funny little place now, I’m sure that it will demolished very soon to make space for more big buildings, and as a result the owners of the units do NO maintenance at all. Hence, it being referred to as a trailer park.

The trailer park was the first place in Dubai that I have seen with a REAL garden, I mean there was a tree there that was taller than me! Apparently its the oldest tree in Dubai, probably planted by some engineer and nutured by his family while he worked on building roads and huge structures.

Anyway, what seemed to come with this was lots of nature in the form of lizards and geckos. Our friends have two cats and they kept on catching these lizards and bringing them into the house, apparently as presents for us. Eeek!

So on the last day in Dubai I found a very big lizard tail in the bathroom. I couldn’t find the actually lizard and didn’t give it another thought. We packed up and flew home and finally got to unpacking the last bag on Monday.

Under all the clothes, this is what I found……

Yes! The very same lizard that belonged to the tail was in our suitcase the whole time. I called my hubby to come and check it out and he poked it…….IT WAS STILL ALIVE!!!!! We didn’t want to kill the poor thing, so we just put him in our garden.

Later while chatting to my friend Joni on Skype I mentioned the reptile and being as a huge fan of reptiles, she went and did some research.

Turns out the lizard is called a SKINK and is a protected species by the EU. We went to try and find him in the garden, but he was gone. Hopefully he has made himself at home.

I can’t believe that this lizard survived all the way from Dubai. They are tough little things. I am also so glad that noboday found him in our luggage at the aiport – we could have been fined.

Weird stuff hey!!