So, back to the progress on our adoption screening. I have totally lost my zing after discovering THIS information.

I was in Dubai at the time on business so it wasn’t possible to just give my SW a call to ask her about it. I did e-mail her though, and she replied and said that she does think there is a way around it. We are seeing her on Saturday because we are attending an adoption educational group as part of our screening. Here, we will get to chat to parents that have adopted as well as birth moms about their experiences………and maybe I will get my zing back then. I will also be ‘grilling’ my SW on this stupid stupid law so that I can get my head around it.

I can honestly say that I really was so excited about all of this before I came across this information. I felt like we had a chance and there was hope and it was exciting. I even bought a few newborn outfits from Ackermans, something I would never have done if I was doing an IVF. I was feeling so positive then, like our dream was in reach. Now I just feel completely deflated. Like something has been taken away from me………..AGAIN! I mean that bonding time is really special and I am really disappointed about it.

I really just need to catch a break here!

I’m starting to feel like this is never going to happen.

Maybe I’ll get my zing back when I see our SW on Saturday.

Edited to add: Maybe it’s better that I have low expectations????? Then I can’t be disappointed.