I’m home!!! Yay!

I can very truely from the bottom of my heart that I am glad to be back.

It was really nice to have a break from reality and to spend some time in another country with my husband…..BUT – I really love Africa and my home and my dogs and my friends and my family. I was away for a total of three weeks and it really felt like a life time. My husband joined me for the last ten days of the trip and so he didn’t FEEL the home sickness as much as I did, in fact I think he would have been happy to stay in Dubai for another week or so. Me, not so much. Another damper was the fact that I was sick for most of the trip. I picked up some kind of cold while I was training and it simply did not go away….it got worse! Like bronchitis or something. I have been through, two boxes of advil, three boxes of decongestant and three bottles of cough medicine. After that I decided that I probably needed some kind of antibiotic! I’m now half way through a course of Augmentin, but it doesn’t seem to be doing much!!!!! Urgh.

Anyway, we did have a good time. We went on a desert safari, a trip to Diera to see the old souks where they sell spices and all types of things, and then of course the Malls. It was good.

I have decided though, that I much prefer a island holidays to shopping holidays. I can see that my husband really loved looking at the malls and buying stuff, but to me it is just STUFF. I would prefer to be somewhere where I can sit and read and swim and read and swim and sleep and swim and float and drink cocktails ALL-DAY-LONG. That to me is a holiday!! So that is what I am saving up for next……..Mauritius maybe.