Today I logged on to facebook and read two friends status updates. I was reminded of how much can change in a year. How you can make decisions you never thought you would and feel pain you never expected.

This time last year………..

Joni brought her baby boy home.

Sharon was doing an FET

Dee was about to go into her second Donor IVF.

Sam was preparing for another IVF.

I had just returned from a horrible horrible business trip and made the decision to work from a home office. I was also still recovering from my miscarriage *pause* Do you ever really 100% recover? I was hopeful about my FET, and I was certain that even if that didn’t work….I’d get a positive from my fresh cycle.

And now, so much has changed. Lots of heartache and the decision to look towards a different time of hope.

What were you doing last year this time?

I wonder where we will be in Sep/Oct 2011?