I walked away from our appointment with our social worker yesterday with a smile on my face and happiness in my heart. We now only have three more things to do and then we are done.

Our appointment was three hours yesterday. We did the ENRICH marriage assessment, which we will get feedback for next Wedenesday. She then interviewed each of us separeately and asked us about our background.

Tell me about your mom?

Tell me about your Dad?

What kind of support structure do you have?

What are your beliefs on discipline?

I found it quite funny that DJ told her that he believes that he will be the firmer one, when it comes to discipline. When she asked me the same question I said that I believed that I would be firmer? Ha ha. Its funny how you perceive yourself and your partner. We also both said that we thought the other one was very soft and sensitive. 🙂 In reality I imagine we will be a great team.

So, the only things we need to do now are;

1.Attend an adoption parenting group/workshop.

2. See the psychologist.

3. The home visit.

…..Oh and finish our profile. But we are close! Getting closer and closer.

I reckon we’ll be on the list officially in November.

I’m very apprehensive about the wait. I’m not sure how I am going to handle it. I suppose……keep busy, buy stuff. I have no clue.

And what about preparation. What can possibly prepare you for such a sudden and huge change. Our SW spoke to us about ‘Post placement depression’, something that I haven’t heard a lot about. Its got to do with the fact that your live changes so completely in a very short time. As much as you have waited and prayed for and wanted this child, it still requires a huge adjustment in your life. She warned us to look out for it, especially with my history of depression.

I am blessed to have a large support system that I can lean on.

Exciting times.