There is a lot to look forward to in our lives. We’ve been making decisions that we would never had lately and I am quite excited about them.

1. We are having a holiday in Dubai.

I have travelled and travelled and travelled and have always felt quite bad that my husband could join me in the experience. So when my business trip to Dubai was confirmed we decided that he should join me. I’ll be there for two weeks of work and then he’ll be joining me. We’ll be staying with a friend, so the expense is minimal. We are both exited, we have never done something like this because we have always been saving for IVF. So, YAY!!!!! I can’t wait.

2. We are putting our house on the market.

Some people think I’m mad…..but ultimately we are moving because of our stairs. We live in a duplex and our stairs are really really steep. My husband once fell down them and bruised his bum quite badly. I know that I can put gates up etc etc, but I just can’t live with them. They are too dangerous. So we are doing a bit of painting and stuff and we’ll be on the market in October. As soon as we have an offer we will start looking. We want a house with a big garden ………..and NO STAIRS!!

3. A Ginger Persian called Naarjie.

We recently lost a cat and we have come to terms with the fact that he is not coming back. I have always wanted a Ginger Persian Cat, and I want to name her Naartjie. This point is debatable though. I am on the fence as to whether it is actually a good idea, because the baby may be allergic. I think I’ll ask our SW tomorrow. What do you think?