What a day!!! I am finished!
I went for my mammogram today, thinking nothing of it!

No worry entered my mind. I was quite confident that I’d be out of there in no time. Now I did mention in an earlier post that I have a lump in one of my bre.asts, and that I wasn’t worried about it because I had an ultrasound on it before. I was told not to worry about it as it was just dense breast tissue.

Since then the lump has grown, but again I wasn’t worried about it. It hasn’t been painful or anything like that, and I thought I would get it checked out again, but actually just got caught up in all the IVF stuff.

The mammogram picked up nothing, but the ultrasound told a bit of a different story. Apparently it looks like breast tissue and would have been easy to miss when it was smaller, hence them only picking it up now. They say it looks ‘wierd’ and isn’t black on the ultrasound like a normal fibroadenoma.

So anyway, I ended up having a biopsy today and I am feeling rather freaked out!
I have to wait for the result to come back on Friday and hopefully everything is ok.

I’ll probably have the lump removed no matter what the result because it has grown and don’t want to risk anything.

Scary thought: If it wasn’t for adoption screening I would have thought nothing of it. I would have left it for another couple of years and then ……who knows!