SO…..after a wine fueled weekend I can’t tell you I am 100%, but I do feel better than I did on Friday. Not sure how long it will last, but for today I am OK.

I started to look at ways to compile our profile last night and found some really cool digital scrap booking sites. You can download an entire kit and then ‘photoshop it’.  So I think I’ll start playing around with that. I did the front cover today and showed DH when he got home. He liked the idea, but doesn’t like the photo I have chosen of him. Isn’t it funny how others can think you look great in a photo and you hate it! Anyway, we will have to put a whole pile together and then choose the ones we both like.

I also started to type out some of the info I would like to include and actually found the process quite spiritual. I’m thinking that putting together the profile goes a long way to heal the spirit. Just thinking about what I might say to this wonderful woman gets me emotional. I want to reach out to her and connect, and I know that will happen when the right BM sees our profile.

Otherwise, I can’t wait until Friday. I have checked with DH about ten times that he is still free and he has assured me that he has cleared his calendar for the day.

Until then….