Hello peeps! 🙂

Well the appointment with the SW went well. I really liked her. She is very honest and very caring and I think that we could definitely walk this road with her. We spent two hours with her and she went through all the angles of adoption. Are we both ready? Our reasons for adoption? Our infertility? How the screening process works? How they match BM’s to adoptive parents? It was really an information session and we were aware of most of the information already, but it was really worth it for it. I think the most important thing was the time we spent with her, getting an impression of whether we could work with this person. I’m thinking that you must have a connection with your social worker. She must like you and you must like her.

We have decided that we want to adopt within our race, so we know that we are in for a bit of a wait. I asked her how long we should expect to wait and of course she explained that she could not guarantee anything, but the longest a couple has ever waited with her is three years. You may think that I am quiet nutty but, I was really happy with this information because I expected a much longer time frame. I was expecting 5, 6, 7, 8 years as an answer.

She also explained to us that she would not accept an answer as to whether we would go with her on the same day. She wanted us to go away and think about it properly to make sure that we are really ready for this, which of course we are, but I appreciate her thinking behind this. I made the call this morning and we are meeting with her in two weeks to properly start the screening.

So its a new chapter for us. At the moment I am doing a lot of thinking and reflecting. I am really ok…………for now, but I have been known to have delayed reactions.

Stay tuned……….