Because I believe in honest bloging I though I should write this post.

As expected, the torture has now really set in and the insane-ness has started. Yesterday was a day of panic for me, as my mind turned to reality and I started to think about the possibilities of Tuesday! (Test day) I have gone from convinced that is will work to I-Just-don’t-know back to convinced. I know that this is totally normal and I do feel better today, but DAM I’m nervous.

Loggining on to fertilicare yesterday caused me great stress as I noticed TWO BFN in the Vets room. This brought reality crashing down on me and I started to symptom obsess. My boobs are sore – But not ALL the time…..Does that mean anything. I have no cramps…..Is that good or bad?!?!?! AHHHH! I put my head down in front of my computer and had a real good cry, the sobbing kind.

I went to visit my friend later on and she made me feel ten times better. She has has two pregnancies and she reminded me that she only started to feel real symptoms after she tested positive. In fact she felt no different at all for the first couple of weeks. She also reminded me that everyone is different. Some woman have sore boobs ALL the time from the word go and others don’t. I also remembered that the last time I was pregnant I didn’t feel much different.

So the wait continues……

I have a busy weekend planned. We are going to see Shrek 3 in three-D tomorrow and then we are going to a 40th in the evening. Sunday is the World Cup final and closing ceremony……..and then I only have Monday. Its not so bad!!!

Tick tock tick tock tick!