Well I could not be happier today. I am very pleased with the way everything has gone and I am really happy to have the three embryos safely in mommy. We saw Dr V in the morning, who described out eight cells as ‘beautiful’. He showed us the embryos and we asked “Can we put them all back?” He smiled and said he was going to suggest that anyway. He had a whole explanation planned, but seemed happy he didn’t have to use it.

I am going to approach this two week wait with all the positivity I can muster. I am going to belief that its already happened and lap up that happiness. I want to try and keep negative thoughts at bay and live in a little happiness filled bubble. Nothing is more important than these little embryos, NOTHING!

In other news, the intra.lipid went well yesterday, beside the nurses battling to find a vein. We were finished at twelve and the effects hit me at about three. Some aching, nausea and headache but no vomiting. I had a nap and rested and felt better by Ugly Betty.(Who is not at all ugly!)

I’ll tell you again how much I dislike Gestone!!!! My bum is bruised and sore and lumpy and ………..I’m not going to moan to much, because I can take it if it means that a snuggly baby will be here in 38 weeks. I did manage to do my own fragmin injection, which is a blood thinner like Clexane. They really aren’t too bad, not compared to Gestone at least.

So there we go! I got my three to transfer and I’m very very happy. I even told them they can all stay if they want to. I’ll be blessed with one, two or three babies, I’m sure!