So we are moving along with this cycle, and everything is going smoothly!

My lining is 9mm as of this morning and my sweet-angel-donor will probably have egg retrieval on Saturday. Think about this – On Saturday our child will be conceived. Isn’t that wonderful!

I have no idea how many eggs we have yet, and we will only know on Saturday. I have been told that everything is going well and that my donor is an ABSOLUTE SWEETHEART! But I knew that already!

I’m hoping for a nice number between 6 or 8. Its funny how numbers make you feel better in this game. We are always aiming for the higher option when we actually only need one. And while we’re on the topic lets talk about embryos. I would like 3! Three nice strong eight cells! I’m not bothered if we don’t get any to freeze because I’m not such a fan of FET’s anymore.

So, 6-8 eggs, 3 embryos….and then transfer all of them.

Of course this is all pure speculation My Dears! Who knows! But that is what I would like! 🙂

So, yay! I’m a happy chappy at the moment.

We’ll start Gestone on Saturday &*^%$#!!!!!

And I’ll also be using Fragmin (Blood thiner) from ET. Fragmin apparently does the same thing as Clexane at half the price.

So I’m preparing myself for a bruised bum and bruised tummy AND a BIG FAT BETA on the 13 July!!!!