Sjoe, what a day! As I sit here writing I still feel achy. My body is really sore and I have a HUGE headache.

I have heard that you can have a different reaction to intralipids every time, and this time was certainly worse than last. When I had the treatment earlier this year I made the mistake of eating afterwards, and it made me feel rather woozy, or thats what I thought. Last time I had the treatment on the day of ET. Everything went really smoothly, I snacked during the treatment and even had something to eat afterwards. We got home, I updated my blog and declared that intralipids were a breeze! I felt fine.

Then an hour or so later it hit me. The aches and the nausea. We had to  leave to fetch someone from the airport, and we ended up having to pull over so I could vomit. I closed my eyes in the car during the trip (DH was driving), and by the time I got to the airport I was ok.

Today was a little different. I had breakfast, and arrived at the clinic at 7:30. I had some coffee and some water while having my drip, but didn’t eat anything. The drip made my hand feel a lot more painful than the first time, it really ached, even with a hot water bottle on it. I was done and dusted in two hours and DH came to drop me at home. I felt fine, downloaded some mail, replied to some e-mails, read some blogs…………and then it hit me.

I felt firggin aweful. My whole body was aching and I could hardly keep water down. The toilet was my friend for most of the day. Thankfully there was nothing to vomit up. I really hate vomiting!!!! I lay in bed for the rest of time, although I could not sleep. It seemed like all my muscles were aching and I was freezing freezing cold, even with a few blankets on. Anyway this lasted most of the day until I finally managed to eat something at about four.

Jeepers Creepers. I don’t really think that I’m a drama queen! But I really had a CR@P reaction today. Has anyone else had a similar reaction?

I’ll do it all again on the day of ET, the reward will all be worth it. I’ll just keep my husband close by so he can look after me. He specially came home when I called him in tears…….Ah sweet!

Oh and…..thanks so much for all your lovely comments on my previous post. I read most  of them while I was having the drip and shed a few tears. They are just beautiful!