I went for a quick scan this morning to see if I can start my estropause.

Everything is okay.I start my estropause tonight because my lining is still 4mm (needs to be a little thinner).
The sperm analysis was fine, 71 million or something….but we’ve never had a problem here.

My donor also starts stims this week and I have my first intralipid on Thursday.

I expect a smooth cycle with no hiccups, a decent amount of eggs and a good fertilisation rate. And I say that with a good dose of confidence!!!

Its just the BFP part that I’m not 100% certain about. I really think that we have a good shot though.

I’ll be thinking and praying for my donor over the next two weeks. She has to brave the freezing cold for me while she makes our eggs. She is an Angel! Please keep her in your thoughts and pray that she has a good egg producing month.