Its always fascinating to look at the search terms that lead to my blog. In the last 30 days these are the terms that may have lead you here. What are yours? I was lost, but now I am found!
nicotine evil Shame, I know! Its very evil!
weight loss bfp This doesn’t happen! I’m pretty sure.
could you dig yourself up out of a hole I hear you! I hear you!
8dp3dt too early to test I feel your pain!
glad to hear you feel better now I’m not sure why someone would google this.
dig yourself out of that hole Again, I hear you.
bratty37 Someone is looking for you bratty.
dig yourself out of a hole ……………
“mrs woggie” I’m really not sure why this term leads to my blog. Or even what it means.
8dp3dt bfn I’m sorry, but it may be too early.
is nicotine evil Yes it is. It doesn’t want to be your friend! It only wants to hurt you. Mwhahaha!
how to get yourself out of a hole