I feel good, no great….No EXCELLENT!

I’m very sure its the changes I have made to my lifestyle and also my look-after-me attitude. Ive been taking Moducare, which has taken care of  the flu/cold that I’ve had since April. Antibiotics failed to get rid of it, so I’m actually very impressed with Moducare. I’m also dosing myself with vitamin C and of course the folic acid. I have also been exercising and have cut way back on the Vino. Early nights and lots of rest on the weekends has also helped. Looking back I actually think I was pushing myself very hard work wise and being very hard on myself in other ways. There’s nothing like a good dose of self blame to make you feel like crap!

Another reason is that I’m starting to feel positive about this IVF. It’s the way it goes isn’t it? One minute your down and the next feeling better. I’m not in the same place as I was with my FET, where I was 100% convinced that it was going to work, but I’m feeling pretty-dam-good……….da na na na na na na!

Lets live on the edge shall we!

I’ll go ahead and say that- I think this may work!

Oooooooo, bold statement I know! ( Anyone picking up the sarcasm)

Here’s my reasoning.

1. It’s a fresh cycle and therefore a higher success rate.

2. Intralipid, we never used these with our last fresh cycle. So I’m hoping they may make the difference.

3. The donor, she’s made someone pregnant before. I just hope she has a good month.

So here we go, I hope the feeling lasts!