It’s all good news.

I had my Lucrin on Saturday and I take my last pill on Monday.

I’ll scan on Friday and DH has to do another SA just to make sure …..

I’ll start my estrogen next week to get my lining all fluffy and have my first intralipid on 17th June. I’ll definitely be taking the day off for ‘drip day’. Last time I was 100% and then all of a sudden felt really weird. So I’m opting for a day of relaxation instead of going back to work or rushing around.

My donor ER will be around the 26th June. We will only know how many eggs we get on the day, which is fine with us. I think it probably makes you more stressed to know that there MAY be 10 or 6 or 2 eggs, where in reality you will only know for sure on ER. My co-coordinator has promised to tell me whether things are going well or not – and that’s all the info I’ll get until EGG DAY.

So we’ll look at transfer around the 29th, where I’ll have another intralipid and start Gestone (URGGHHH) and Clexane. Were looking at around the 14th for test day.

I’m feeling cool and calm at the moment and I must admit that I feel excited. I really really hope this works. We have six weeks till we receive some very very important news….. positive or negative.