Four weeks until Embryo T!!!!

I have had a pretty emotional couple of weeks and I realized last week that ONE of the reasons is that I have not been looking after myself in any way. Especially emotionally! I have been very very teary and I think I’ve just been pushing myself too hard. I have worked most weekends, had too many early early mornings and it’s now enough!!! I am going to concentrate on being very still and very focused on me.

This means;

1. Many evenings pampering myself. Starting with facials, pedicures, manicures and lots of time snuggled up in bed.

2. Only seeing the people I want to see, when I want to see them. Mostly because I can’t handle another silly comment, and I feel that I need to protect myself.

3. I need to try and relax and focus. I have noticed how many times I look at my watch and how panicky I have become. Another reason for me to keep to myself.

4. I also need a plan now! I want the clinic to give me dates. I know ET is in the next four weeks, but I want specific dates within those weeks! This will give me something to focus on.

Deep breathes……one day at a time.