This post is dedicated to my two fluffy creatures.

Ollie is our eight year old bulldog. He snores like a dragon and battles to keep water off his floppy lips. He is such a loving and wonderful pup. Full of friendliness! He soaks up the attention we give him and is his happiest when is is sitting  next to one of us. He is also known by the nicknames Snig, Snog, Snew and fluffy pig. He is only addressed as Ollie when he has done something wrong!

Bella is our six year old half bulldog boxer. I bought her as a surprise present for my husband and one of the surprises was that she wasn’t all bulldog. But we still love her! She is the cuddliest of all the creatures in our house. Every morning she jumps on the bed and heads over to whoever is still under the covers. We put her under the covers with us and cuddle her…..its lovely. (We wash our bed linen a lot!!!)

I love my dogs! They have brought us such joy and are definitely part of our family.They bring a smile to my face every single day. Whether they are sleeping next to me in my office, lying on the grass getting some sun, drinking out of the pool or waiting for us at the gate when we get home.

Life would be very quiet without them.