It’s wasn’t on the exact day last year, but I will always remember that it was Mothers Day. It was the last day that I was pregnant. It was a Sunday and we had a lunch at my aunts house to celebrate the occasion. I was drinking lime and soda, and most of my cousins had mild hangovers, which I though was quite amusing. I was so loving that I could not drink or smoke, it was heaven. I still remember that precious feeling of being pregnant. I felt so special and so blessed.

My last scan at six weeks showed a sac with something promising in it, and my beta was climbing (although not as it should have been) We were hopeful and scared. We had a scan booked for the next day to see if the pregnancy was viable, and I was praying hard.

Unfortunately, it was not meant to be. Mondays’ scan revealed no heartbeat and a pregnancy that wasn’t viable. My D&C was booked for the following Thursday.

I think that it’s has been important for me to acknowledge this, and get past this anniversary before I go into a new cycle. It was a really rough time for us, and I pray that we never ever have to go through it again.

Lets see….. the next few weeks determine my destiny. It’s either a Yes or a No for a pregnancy. A very important time.