I don’t know about you but I have to switch to a certain mindset when I prepare for IVF. I set myself a date and I start to change my mind set as the date approaches. When I’m comfortable with the idea the change over goes very smoothly, almost like a switch.

Up until now I’ve really been doing whatever I want, smoking, eating, drinking etc, these activities do have their place. It’s a bit self destructive, but in a way you have to get to the depths of despair before you can start to build yourself up again. That is why this journey is so tiresome. Each time you have to go through the cycle of self destruction you find it harder to get up again. I find this very frustrating, but it has to be done, and everyone does it in their own style.

The time has come now for me to get ready. I feel comfortable with the timing, and I ‘m ready for the shift. We have about eight weeks until donation and I’m starting to get into the IVF groove. From today I have vowed to give up the cigs and cut down on the wine (ah!) I’ll also be doing some light exercise at the gym and reading some inspirational stuff. The first book on my list is The Shack.

I feel better! Even a little excited.

May this be the one (pretty pretty please)