I’m home, and it is so comforting.

I sat down yesterday and had a look at the calendar on my desk and realised that the last time I sat here at this desk and did some work was on 7th April. So I have basically been on the move for three weeks. I can always feel the toll it has taken when I get home and start to get back to normal. It is so comforting to wake up in my own bed with my husband cuddling me or to watch Ugly Betty or Desperate Housewives in between preparing a home cooked meal. My calorie intake decreases dramatically as well. So I’m hoping the traveling weight will come off in a week or two.

So at the moment I am basking in the peace and quiet of my home!

My birthday was FAB! and my party was FAB! I got spoilt and I definitely felt the love! Thanks for all the messages on FB, sms and e-mail. I really felt special.

IVF wise I am ….ok. I have confirmed with my donor that we will do a late June transfer, so that really gives me six weeks to be still and to get in shape. My husband is a little frustrated with me because he just wants to DO it, and can’t understand why I am not ready. But I think that ultimately it is my decision. Seeing that it is my body that takes the battering.

Thats it for now…..Cheerio!