1. POAS,…….wait for the second line. No line!?!? Wait some more………..no line. Panic!
  2. Go for a blood test. Look at result (Beta >5), go numb.
  3. Decide to go and have a glass of wine.
  4. Have another glass of wine and decide to buy a box of cigarettes.
  5. Drink away your sorrows.
  6. Pledge to never smoke again.
  7. Tell yourself that it was not meant to be and use the ‘F’ word…..’I’m Fine!’
  8. Believe your own words.
  9. Realise that you are not pregnant.

10. By another box of cigs and some wine and have a big fat cry!

11. Move forward with your next cycle.

12. Tell yourself you are happy.

13. Repeat number eight.

14. Throw yourself into your work because…..you are FINE!

15. Brush past platitudes because you just can’t deal with them.

16. Smoke, drink, drown your sorrows……

17. Get flu because you haven’t been looking after yourself!

18. Ask for help!

19. Realise that you are in a big black hole.