When I sit down to write this I know there is a lot I want to say, but I am not too sure how to say it. So I guess I’ll just babble.

Our donor has had her first appointment with our coordinator and has started her screening process. I’m not worried about it at all as she has donated before so I’m certain that everything will be fine. In fact at this point I’m pretty confident that we’ll flow through stim, ER and ET. I’m just not sure about the BFP part. I’m feeling a whole lot better about the process, my wonderful mom has really calmed me and I have also been doing lots and lots of praying. I’ve become so much closer to God during this journey. My faith and my relationship with Him has grown and blossomed. At the moment I feel really confident and comfortable  in handing this process over to Him.

I have never spoken about my faith on this blog. In fact I haven’t really spoken about my faith to anyone except my mom. When we were growing up we used to attend  Sunday school, church and bible study. My faith was so strong then and I was really close to God. Unfortunately, my faith was challenged by a series of events . My relationship with God suffered and  was almost non existent for a while. But he never lets you go, and I have found my way back to him.

It’s also my birthday month …..yay! Now normally my birthday conjures happy fluffy feelings, I normally make a really big deal of the whole thing and get really excited. Last year that all came to an end………….read here. So I am trying to make this a happier time. I think I’ll take my birthday off this year and do something nice.

So from here we wait….I am extremely busy for the next three weeks. I’ll be down in Umhlanga for business and then in Lusaka for a week so I am bracing myself for hectic-ness. I expected to sync during May and maybe have ET somewhere in June.

I’ll update when I here…..Cheerio!