I am glad to report that I am feeling better about THE SITUATION. I had a really great heart to heart with my mom and she made me feel much better.

She pointed out

1. That I had definitely chosen the right donor. (The other one had a high BMI)

2. That the screening and syncing will give me lots of time to calm my nerves.

3. The chances of an FET working are small, but we held onto that small percentage like mad. This fresh cycle has a higher chance of working and I did fall pregnant on a fresh cycle this time.

4. My new donor is a proven donor, which means she has made someone pregnant before.

We worked out that last year we choose our donor mid Jan and transfer only took place in early April. So that is a whole 2 and a half months for me to be calm and peaceful. And when we start planning with my coordinator I can also request to move it out one more month if I really feel we need to.

I still feel sad that we have to do this again, but I am feeling better about it. An FET is way more relaxing than going through all of this again. Even though I don’t stim, I’m constantly thinking of my donor while she is stiming. Even though I don’t have egg retrieval I still have the nerves that go with it. A donor cycle may not be as physically taxing as a normal IVF, but the hectic emotions are still there.

So, as we go forward now I have decided to be a little kinder to myself and my body. As usual I have been over indulging in food, nicotine and wine. I’m not going to quite them completely my dears…..:-) But I am going to calm it down a little. I joined the gym today and I’m hoping to exercise about three times a week.

Till later gals and guys!!