WOW! I have been so busy! Ive picked up some great work which keeps me in the training room all day. I’ m actually really enjoying it and Ive realised how much of a social person I am. I really need to be OUT THERE with people. Sitting in front of my computer really depresses me.

So anyway our POA with Dr J went well, or should I say as well as a POA can go. He commented on how he hated having ‘these’ meetings with us, and we assured him that we felt the same. His feeling is that we are really on the right track with using a donor and we should stick to it. We went through all my cycles again in case we had missed something and he also had Dr G and Dr V look at my file too. I appreciate this confirmation because it means that we have been going in the right direction.

An interesting fact: In one cycle my donor made more embryos than I did in my two IVF’s. In fact she made twice as many. I suppose that speaks volumes!!

So, here we go. Finances are in place and we are looking for another donor.

I considered using my old one, but I am worried that we will have the same result, so I think we’ll do something new and fresh.

I am working with three different agencies this time. Which has proven to be a little confusing, but I am glad that I am really exploring my options.

We have also decided that if this treatment doesn’t work we will pursue adoption. Unfortunately the bank balance just does not allow for another one.

But who knows……..I may not have to worry about that.