So a week till D-day! It seems so long!

I am really trying to keep as busy as I can but it seems like time is standing still. I think I will feel better after the weekend, because most of the TWW will be behind me.

By Tuesday I know that I am going to be tempted to POAS and I am going to try my best to hold myself back. I did it last time and this lead me to test two days early. I’m not entirely sure why, but i just don’t want to do it again. It’s like it was a bad omen or something (The crazy IF mind)

Otherwise I am feeling tired and slightly grumpy. But otherwise still positive!

I really hope that I am pregnant! Not just for me, but for my husband. He is convinced that I am pregnant and I really don’t want to let him down and break his heart. He is so excited and truth be told so am I. I am convinced that this is it and we talk as if it is a done deal. We certainly have far to fall if its not, but we will take what come to us.

I feel lucky and thankful for being able to do this FET. Ive seen many donor cycles on our forum produce minimal embryos and end in disappointment. Just the other day I had a friend e-mail me to tell me that her donor had only produced four eggs and only two fertilized. The cycle ended in a BFN. It’s a reminder that we are lucky to have received six eggs from our donor and to have 100% fertilization. We are so lucky to have been able to freeze four of them and for all of them to have survived the thaw.

I am hopeful and I am grateful. Thank-you Lord for this opportunity.